Tooth extraction is easier if you prepare for the procedure accordingly. If you’re knowledgeable about what to expect, you’ll have an easy time preparing.

The preparation usually starts before you walk into the dentist’s office for your appointment and these are the steps you need to follow:

1. Be Informed

Consult with your dentist and learn more about why the tooth extraction needs to be done. Ask about the benefits and risks associated with tooth extraction. If you have questions, ask the dentist, and they’ll issue an appropriate answer.

2. You Shouldn’t Eat Before the Procedure

12 hours before the surgery, you shouldn’t consume anything. By doing so, you can avoid feeling nauseated during the procedure.

3. Bring Your Medications

Always bring your medications when you have an appointment, particularly if you have a history of allergies or reactions to medications. The dentists will perform the tooth extraction after administering anesthesia, so there’s a possibility that you may feel nauseous. Certain pain medications can help reduce such conditions.

4. Plan for Transportation

If the tooth extraction is taking place in a dental clinic, then there are several ways in which you can get to the office and back home again. Since you’re unable to eat, you’ll probably experience nausea and dizziness because of the procedure. Either way, it’s recommended that you plan for transportation ahead of time.

5. Be Medically Clear

Suppose the extraction occurs under sedation or general anesthesia. In that case, you must first be cleared by a primary healthcare provider stating that you can go through the procedure without any issues.

6. Don’t Have Your Extraction Until You Talk to the Dentist

If advised by your dentist, you can ask for an appointment before the extraction to ensure you’re ready for the procedure. Some dentists will be willing to extract the tooth even when you haven’t finished your whole treatment plan but just for a few teeth.

7. Have the Extraction Performed by a Professional Dentist

Always ensure the extraction is performed by a dentist who practices in your area. You’ll have an easier time getting your tooth extracted if it’s performed by a dentist who knows you. If you’re considering having a tooth extraction done by a dental clinic, then make sure that they have at least three to five dentists to ensure that all of them are available for appointments at a given time on specific days.

8. Arrive Early For Your Appointment

Make sure you arrive early for your appointment, as your dentist will likely want to start the procedure on time. Also, inform the receptionist of any medications you’re currently taking so your dentist can avoid any interactions when administering anaesthetics during the tooth extraction.

9. Dress Accordingly

As you go for oral surgery, you need to wear comfortable clothing. Short-sleeved shirts are preferable. Some of the things you should avoid include jewelry and contact lenses. If you wear dentures, you should wear them during the extraction.

10. Be Ready with a Dental Insurance Card or Cash

If you have dental insurance, be prepared to show your card so the dentist can determine if any anesthesiologist will be used for your procedure. The insurance company has limits when financing any medical procedure, so it’s best to settle this matter before the tooth extraction takes place.

Final Thoughts

Many people know what to expect during tooth extraction, but many still like to prepare before the procedure takes place. Preparing in advance will ease the discomfort and any fear you may experience during the process. Remember that there’s a possibility that you’ll feel nauseated when you have the tooth extraction, so it’s best always to be prepared before your appointment at the dental clinic. Also, after the tooth extraction procedure, you should adhere to the dentist’s recommendations. They’ll advise you to consume soft foods since you’ll be unable to chew on anything hard.

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