Cigarette smoking is an established risk factor that causes various harm to the human body. The smoke particles are tiny and tricky; therefore, the longer an individual smokes, the more damage is made to their bodies. Smoking cigarettes can have many other diverse effects on the body. Some of which may cause different life-threatening complications. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals which are poisonous, leading to other causes.

What are the main things that constitute a cigarette?



-Carbon monoxide


There are various types of cigarettes. Among them include regular cigarettes, menthol, electronic, clove, bidis, and water pipe cigarettes. Various studies have shown that smoking cigarettes lead to the following effects.

The effects of Cigarettes smoking.

Lung Damage: The use of cigarettes is linked to developing various damages that may trigger chronic bronchitis and others. Additionally, the use of prolonged smoking may lead to damage to the lungs.

Heart Disease: Smoking may cause damage to the heart, resulting from the buildup of plague in the body vessel. Therefore, the lack of sufficient clean blood in the body may lead to heart failure. Thus, the patient may experience a stroke, a heart attack, or blood clots.

Fertility problems. It is common facto has been established that women who use cigarettes may experience health complications, especially regarding fertility. Additionally, cigarettes are expected to contain chemicals that affect their hormonal levels. Further, using cigarettes in the case when pregnant may lead to the following.

-Increased risk of ectopic pregnancy.

-Increased risk of preterm delivery.

-increased risk of the sudden death of the infant.

The other main cause of cigarette smoking may lead to poor oral hygiene. Therefore, the smoker’s lips and teeth may be affected. Most smokers tend to lose their natural shading due to the use of cigarettes. The use of smoking exposes the teeth to tobacco and nicotine. The teeth are likely to suffer from stains which lead to discoloration colors like yellow. Severe cases of teeth falling out may also be experienced.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of different problems, the patients may follow the various guidelines for possible health changes, especially on their teeth. 

Dental Care Tips For Smokers.

-Brush teeth properly: most importantly, individuals should focus on maintaining a healthy regime by brushing immediately after smoking

-Choose the appropriate toothpaste.

-Avoid using stained food and beverages intake that led to the build of harmful bacteria on the teeth. They include coffee, among others.

-Additionally, smokers are advised to frequently use a mouth wash and floss their teeth often to maintain healthy teeth.

-The healthy use of more tooth-friendly foods may lead to a significant change in their teeth.

-Most significantly, the maintenance of a dental appointment is among the best recommendations to help achieve firmer and healthy teeth. Therefore, it is essential to always maintain regular checkups from the dentist, who will be keen on helping the smokers improve their oral hygiene.

Myths of cigarette smoking.

Different myths have been associated with the use of cigars. Among the commonly said include 

-Occasional use of smoking will not hurt the individuals. There is no established case of safety to exposure of tobacco individuals.

-light cigarettes are safe-Any use of substances that contain tobacco or nicotine that is harmful to the body.


The use of cigarettes is still not ok. Therefore, some diseases are preventable if people stop smoking.

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