5 Things To Know About Invisalign

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5 Things You Should Know About Invisalign Invisalign is a popular alternative to orthodontic treatment. It uses invisible plastic strips to straighten teeth. And while it may be more convenient than traditional braces, there are some things you should know before considering Invisalign for your child. Read on for details about this popular orthodonture treatment. […]


Cigarettes & Your Teeth

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Introduction. Cigarette smoking is an established risk factor that causes various harm to the human body. The smoke particles are tiny and tricky; therefore, the longer an individual smokes, the more damage is made to their bodies. Smoking cigarettes can have many other diverse effects on the body. Some of which may cause different life-threatening […]


How To Prepare For Your Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extraction is easier if you prepare for the procedure accordingly. If you’re knowledgeable about what to expect, you’ll have an easy time preparing. The preparation usually starts before you walk into the dentist’s office for your appointment and these are the steps you need to follow: 1. Be Informed Consult with your dentist and […]


Holiday Healthy Teeth Tips

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This post offers our readers some valuable tips on keeping their teeth healthy during the holidays. Along with other important information, it may also help to reduce the risk of tooth decay and cavities during the holiday season.  How to keep your teeth healthy 1. Cut out or reduce the consumption of sugary foods like […]


Modern Dental Procedures

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Modern Dental Procedure: Your Complete Guide Dental procedures have evolved over the years. Today’s dental practices combine old and new techniques to provide you with an array of modern services. These developments result from advanced research and technology, as well as advancements in general healthcare. Modern dentistry has brought new ways of treating teeth, gums, […]


5 Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

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Cosmetic dentistry uses dental procedures to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing or natural-looking smile. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, cosmetic dentistry can correct many issues that may affect oral health, such as misaligned teeth and overcrowding. Some great treatments are available regardless of your reason for considering cosmetic dentistry. Here are the five best […]